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Jani and Sabrina, Alignment Essentials: You Either Live Your Life In Joy, Mostly. Or You Live Your Life Pissed Off, Mostly...

Episode Summary

JANI ROBERTS Jani Roberts is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Alignment Essentials, a health and wellness company spanning the fitness, self-improvement, and mindfulness spaces. She is the creator of the Warrior® Workout, Moving Meditations™, Inspirational Conversations™ and all of the Alignment Essentials programming content. Jani has over 40 years of experience in the health and wellness field. She owned and operated a large gym franchise in Florida where she specialized in health and wellness related services, products, and preventative health education, and she now owns a private boutique studio offering personal training, small group fitness classes, and private nutrition and health coaching. Before launching her own brand, RED Warrior Nation, with her husband Johnny in 2011, Jani was one of the original master trainers for another world-renowned fitness format. During her 11 years with that company, she literally trained hundreds of thousands of instructors around the world, and she was the featured choreographer and performer on numerous training DVDs. Before that, Jani and Johnny, worked as lead performers all over the world. RED Warrior Nation was the precursor company to Alignment Essentials, which Jani co-founded with Sabrina Ursaner in 2018. Jani is a graduate of the American Academy of Nutrition, and is a past presenter at IDEA, SCW, Rimini, IHRSA, CAN FIT PRO, AAAI, Lifetime EMPOWER Events, Fitness Fusion, FILEX, FIBO, Nike, and Adidas. She holds certifications from ACE, AFAA and NASM. Jani travels extensively as a speaker and presenter sharing her Alignment Essentials wellness tools and helping people find more joy in their lives. In addition to numerous awards she has received over the years, Jani was recently nominated as the Most Inspiring Instructor to be awarded at the 2018 National Fitness Day events, and Moving Meditations™ was nominated for Hottest New Fitness Trend. SABRINA URSANER: Sabrina Ursaner is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Alignment Essentials, a health and wellness company spanning the fitness, self-improvement, and mindfulness spaces that provides tools to help people “stay in alignment” and find more joy in their daily lives. Prior to starting Alignment Essentials with Jani Roberts, Sabrina was the CEO of RED Warrior Nation, and she was a lawyer in New York before that. Sabrina studied dance and psychology at Washington University in St. Louis and has danced professionally. She is a graduate of NYU School of Law and the recipient of several awards throughout her legal career. In 2018, Sabrina left the corporate world to focus on Alignment Essentials full-time. She is an Ambassador for National Fitness Day and is co-chair of the Young Lawyers Division of UJA, and she has been teaching fitness and wellness classes in New York City for the last 6 years. Sabrina is featured in all of the Alignment Essentials online streaming workout videos.