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How to Take Your Automation Game to the Next Level - Kevin Snow

Episode Summary

Kevin Snow is the founder of Time On Target, an Army Veteran, a sales expert and a serious technology geek who knows how to help his clients take their automation game to the next level. With a 20+ year career in business development working with brands like Frontier Communications, Nextel, Salesforce, and BNI; his knowledge, skills and understanding of communication and technology are getting real results for the businesses he works with. Kevin knows how to integrate digital technology with your sales process in an authentic, professional way. He’ll show you what’s been missing in terms of ensuring an effective system of outreach and trust-building. Part entrepreneur, part sales person, part technology master and part Star Wars fan…how can you afford not to have Kevin on your team this year? What was the biggest turning point in your life?: I've had a few huge pivots/turning points 1. Enlisting in the US Army at 34 2. Starting Time On Target as a speaking/training company 3. Deploying to the middle east 4. Moving the company from training to consulting after I discovered my business model couldn't support my deployment schedule 5. Niching my focus down to just sales process and automation 6. Finding a new badass friend and mentor that pushes me forward (shoves me kicking and screaming) and helps me get out of my own way. Imagine you woke up tomorrow and you had to start all over what would you do different? : That is hard to answer... if I did things differently there is a lot of great stuff I wouldn't have now. Linkedin Profile: Facebook: Instagram: