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How to be a Corporate Drop Out - Lauren Allen

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Lauren Allen is the founder of Corporate School Dropout.  After 15+ years as a Project Manager Professional (PMP), she's pivoted her skills to support women transition out of their corporate jobs and launch their business.  Lauren has aligned her passion for helping others to inspire, motivate, and empower them to make changes to serve their best life. 


What was the biggest turning point in your life?: I had moved to San Diego, CA and started interviewing for new jobs, but every time I went to an interview I felt dead inside. I was numb and knew at that moment I was going to do ME differently from the version the world told me to be. 


Imagine you woke up tomorrow and you had to start all over what would you do different? : My biggest struggle has been the money game. If I could start over, I would focus on my relationship with money and have a rock solid foundation for growing my money and wealth with the business. 


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