Success Champions

Ep. 7 - Amanda Watt: From a Fitness Coach to The Ultimate Coaching Guru

Episode Summary

Discussion between Donnie Boivin & Amanda Watt on how she overcame her life's struggle and found success in her journey.

Episode Notes

Download this episode. Amanda Watt born and raised in Canada

she has Been in a health and wellness expert since 2003 accumulating many certifications in health, wellness, energy healing and personal development!   Being a natural athlete at a competition level she loves to coach, teach and train Aswell being featured in a fitness magazine you will find her motivating and speaking internationally!


With 8 years in network marketing, She is passionate about natural health, entrepreneurs, and healing! She has overcome bullying, suicidal depression, heart surgery and In December 2016 diagnosed with a tumor in her uterus resulting in an urgent hysterectomy at the young age of 32.


Today she still battles the disease, however, With her passion to help and heal others Amanda inspires, empower and enriches lives to NEVER GIVE UP!  She has taken her PAIN to find her Passion and flourish her life and journeys purpose, speaking with others to truly make their DREAMS ... Become REALity!!!


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