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Ep. 107 - David Conley Former Major Tech Executive Rediscovered Himself Surviving Depression After His Wife's Death

Episode Summary

Discussion between Donnie Boivin & David Conley on how he overcame his life's struggle and found success in his journey.

Episode Notes

David Conley works with accomplished people who have passion for their work, and have sacrificed their bodies and families for their vocation.

He shows them how radical self-care changes not just their bodies, but their whole lives -- their careers, relationships, and legacy.

In His Words...

In 2011, my life blew up.

I was 330 pounds. I was working in a job I hated as a tech executive for the government. I had multiple medical issues that my doctor told me, point-blank, would lead to an early death. I was miserable.

One day I came home to find my beautiful wife sick on the couch, struggling to breathe. Three days later, I was a widower.

My world stopped. The light in my life had gone out. I was still alive, but not living. And I had to make a decision about the way I’d live the rest of my life.

It took over two years for me to crawl out of that deep depression, but I did. Along the way, I lost 150 pounds, ditched cigarettes, quit the job and started my own business.

I chose life, love, and radical self-care. I put myself first.

This is what I learned when my life hit rock bottom: The answers are already inside us. We can change. We can choose a different way of living, and we can rediscover love for ourselves (I know, that’s a tough one). We just need to turn those choices into action.

I also learned that nobody succeeds at transformation alone. I know what it takes, because a few years back, I was you. I had help, and now you do, too.

And now I help people like us balance health and happiness with significant achievement.

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