Success Champions

Dane Maxwell What You Think of Yourself is What Stopping You

Episode Summary

Born and raised in Iowa. He loves corn. Dane was struggling to fit in just about anywhere he went, he finally found his home in business. He had found a place he felt he belonged. He failed at 11 companies and succeeded with 5, found the patterns of what worked and taught those patterns and had 15 multi-millionaire students graduate under his wing. He only knows what works because he's failed a lot. He also left business for four years to open his heart more with music and released three albums. After releasing his third album he felt a completion in music for now, and has returned to business to share the message of entrepreneurship for all. He believes everyone should try entrepreneurship for at least 3 months because the skills you build will help anywhere else you go. What was the biggest turning point in your life? Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and realizing I can build my brain with books. Imagine you woke up tomorrow and you had to start all over what would you do different? Believe I was beautiful from the beginning so I could serve more deeply. Linkedin Profile Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Channel Nothing Do you have anything you would like to promote? Book, Podcast, workshop... the book, the podcast, and a special free gift just for success champion listeners. Do You Have a Good Headset with a mic Yes