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Have the Audacity to Believe - Cedric Nwafor

Episode Summary

Cedric Nwafor is driven by a passion for agriculture and its people. He is a social entrepreneur, civic activist and public speaker who has organized, facilitated and provided keynote addresses for conferences and events across Africa and the US. He is the founder of the Maryland-based group ROOTS Africa, a youth-led organization that combats hunger, poverty and exclusion by connecting students and agricultural experts in the US and Africa. Cedric is an agricultural evangelist who has studied the approaches to farm life and management in Idaho, Maryland, Rwanda, Liberia and Uganda and believes that engaging the young generations in agriculture is vital to the future of the African continent and the socio-economic well-being of its peoples. Cedric previously served as a member of the “Power Team” and coordinator for five committees of the Afrika Youth Movement, and as a Mentor and Advocate for Streetwise Partners, an organization supporting low-income populations. He was a 2016 nominee for the African Youth in Agriculture Award and the commencement speaker at his graduation from the University of Maryland's College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, where he earned a BA in Agriculture and Resource Economics with a focus in Entrepreneurship. Cedric, who was born and raised in Cameroon, immigrated to the United States in 2010 and now resides in suburban Washington, DC and works as the Innovation Coordinator at the University of Maryland. What was the biggest turning point in your life? The biggest turning point in my life was in Idaho, when I saw a tractor till the soil. Seeing how much farming was made easier by using a tractor lit a fire in me that pushed me towards finding agricultural solutions for farmers in Africa and connecting them to farmers in the US for their benefit and the benefit of Agriculture as a discipline. I decided to work with and support farmers in Africa. I knew I had an opportunity to build a bridge between the hardworking farmers in Africa that still cannot guarantee their next meal and farmers or people that want to support those type of farmers. ROOTS Africa, supports farmers in Africa by educating them on innovative ways of growing food and optimizing their farming. ROOTS Africa’s mission is to combat hunger and poverty by connecting and engaging students and expertise to farming communities in Africa. Website Linkedin Profile Facebook Instagram Twitter