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Angela Stillwell: Why Is This Happening For Me?

Episode Summary

Angela W. Stillwell is the founder of Untapped Strengths, where she helps businesses and professionals create deeper connections with their audience that impact their bottom lines and overall success. She is the creator of Vulnerability Warrior, an online program for people going through major transitions and who are seeking higher levels of personal success. Angela has also created a line of t-shirts and other products called Love Is My True North. For the last three decades, since completing her MBA, Angela has been working with businesses in sales, marketing, and business development - from startups to large corporations and organizations. As a business advisor, coach, speaker, and workshop leader, she has helped executives shift into new careers, sales teams increase sales, and businesses grow to six and seven figures plus. She lives in Georgia with her Great Dane, horse, and barn cat, and can frequently be found on the tennis court, on her paddleboard, trying new foods, laughing with friends and family, or traveling.